CBD Pet Treats may be able to help your dog or cat in providing a sense of calm, relief of pain and supporting your overall pet’s health and well-being.

CBD Oils may also aid in helping pets with aggressive disorders, excessive vocalisation, trauma and more.

We understand that a lot of pet owners may be apprehensive about giving their animal CBD products. These products will not make your pet high as Cannabidiol does not provide any psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects. In fact, Cannabinoids are found in a wide variety of spices that we use in every day cooking and are incredibly common.

All Oils and Treats in the category are specifically designed to aid in your animals’ well-being and are non-toxic to pets. All treats are specially designed in being an addition to your pets diet, with treats using a wide variety of ingredients to help balance your dog or cats’ diet and lifestyle.

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CBD Bacon Pet Treats


Meat crazed canines love the taste of Sun State’s CBD Bacon pet treats. Once they get a whiff of the mouthwatering, meaty flavour, they’ll be rolling and sitting at the drop of a hat. Each meaty bite smells like real bacon, and contains real meat!

CBD Dog Bone Biscuits


Crunchy and delicious, CBD bone biscuits are flavour packed snacks that help clean your pet’s teeth while rewarding them with a tasty treat. Prepared with care, bone biscuits will give back to your best friend.

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CBD Meatball Pet Treats


If you’re looking for a gourmet dog treat that truly rewards your best friend, then look no further. Sun State’s CBD meat balls are made of actual beef liver, and are filled with the flavors your dog craves. They’re the perfect treat for any carnivorous canine.

CBD Pet Spray


CBD Pet Spray is a simple and versatile way to add 100% natural CBD to your pet’s diet! While CBD dog treats are a great method of delivery, CBD Pet Spray can be added to any type of pet food or treat. It can also be sprayed directly into your pet’s mouth or water bowl.

CBD Pigs In Blankets Biscuits


If you have never craved the mixture of beef and cheese flavours, then you must have never experienced the tasty mixture before. CBD packed Pig’s in a Blanket combine these two great flavours together to create a truly magnificent mixture.

CBD Steak Biscuits


The image of a rib-eye steak brings back memories of dogs chomping on bones in a state of absolute bliss. Sun State’s CBD mini steak treats bring back the aroma and taste of real steak, but in a chewy, easy to digest package. These fun treats are sure to drive your dog wild.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Tincture For Pets


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for pets is a great way to add 100% natural CBD, as well as a host of other potentially beneficial cannabinoids, to your pet’s diet. It can be added to your best friend’s water, or simply placed directly into their mouths for instant relief.