CBD Edibles come in a variety of formats with the main ones being sweets and gummies. Sweets and gummies are a popular choice, especially with newer consumers of CBD due to their taste and texture. They are exactly like those you’d find in everyday stores – the only difference is that they contain CBD.

Gummies are familiar to almost everyone and whilst hemp has a very distinct smell and taste some people do not like it. Having CBD blended into these sweets makes the hemp taste less distinct, making it more tolerable to newcomers who may not be a fan of the taste. The distinct hemp flavour is masked by the varying sweet flavours.

These edibles contain varying levels of high-quality CBD and are a good way to boost your supplement regimen. These edibles do not get you high as they contain no THC, the active compound found in cannabis. They only contain CBD, which provides no psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects.

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CBD Cannabis Cookies by Euphoria


These cannabis cookies by Euphoria are all infused with CBD. Each cookie contains 20mg of CBD. We stock 3 flavours of Cannabis Cookies by Euphoria – Chocolate, Hashish & White Widow.

CBD Fruit Slices


A flavourful slice of life, Fruit Slice CBD gummies are packed with refreshing flavours and cannabidiol. Looking for a bit of variety? Fruit Slice CBD gummies are here to give it to you! With five different fruity flavours, these gummies will never cease surprising your taste buds.

CBD Gummies Mega Pack by Sun State Hemp


Can’t decide on which tasty treat you want to deliver your desired dose of CBD hemp oil? The Mega Party Pack brings together 6 of the most popular CBD oil infused edibles for your enjoyment and convenience.

CBD Gummy Rings


CBD Gummies provide you with those classic flavours that you know and love from sweet shops and make them available as a convenient and tasty way to consume CBD Hemp oil.

CBD Gummy Worms


A sweet shop classic, gummy worms provide you with a chewy, satisfying taste but now contain CBD hemp oil!

CBD Honey Sticks


A stick sweet enough to rival CBD gummies, honey sticks give credence to the age old adage, a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.

CBD Sour Packs


The perfect melding of sour and sweet candies! With a perfectly sour exterior and a creamy sweet interior, Sour Packs are full of flavour from both ends of the spectrum.