CBD E Liquid is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to consume Cannabidiol. As technology advances, there are increasingly faster and more efficient ways to consume CBD and vaping is starting to emerge as one of those leading ways.

These E Liquids will not get you high. Cannabis is a very versatile plant and these liquids utilize CBD, rather than THC for their effects. CBD provides no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects, making CBD legal in most countries.

Vaping CBD ensures that the compound enters directly into your lungs, meaning that it is absorbed into your bloodstream very quickly. This provides you with a very fast acting method of consuming CBD.

We stock a wide array of liquids, from classic E Liquids that now contain CBD to pure CBD blends with strengths as high as 3000mg.

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Batch by CBD King


Batch is a mixture of fruits and candy, with a sherbet like taste that will leave you wanting more and more. Prominent flavours of sweet orange, cherries, Lemon and Lime Gummies all mixed up into a delicious juice.

Worms by CBD King


It has been given a healthy dose of CBD and contains sweet and sour flavour notes combined with fruity notes such as Orange, Lime, Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry & Raspberry.