CBD E Liquid is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to consume Cannabidiol. As technology advances, there are increasingly faster and more efficient ways to consume CBD and vaping is starting to emerge as one of those leading ways.

These E Liquids will not get you high. Cannabis is a very versatile plant and these liquids utilize CBD, rather than THC for their effects. CBD provides no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects, making CBD legal in most countries.

Vaping CBD ensures that the compound enters directly into your lungs, meaning that it is absorbed into your bloodstream very quickly. This provides you with a very fast acting method of consuming CBD.

We stock a wide array of liquids, from classic E Liquids that now contain CBD to pure CBD blends with strengths as high as 3000mg.

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Blue Raspberry by CBDfx


Blue Raspberry is a sweet tart vape e liquid that will remind you of your favourite candy flavours from your childhood – except this one won’t turn your tongue blue!

Fruity Cereal by CBDfx


A creamy, delicious mix of cool milk and fruit cereal – this e liquid will transport you straight back to Saturday mornings.

Gelato Terpenes E Liquid by CBDfx


You work hard – so why not treat yourself to a nice gelato break? Introducing CBDfx’s new Gelato flavor, loaded with all the delectable creaminess and sweet undertones you associate with that charming gelato shop on a summer’s day. Best of all, this terpene CBD heavy blend packs a hefty dose of antioxidants with each hit.

OG Kush Terpenes E Liquid by CBDfx


The unmistakable flavor of the classic cannabis indica strain shines through in this delightfully earthy, citrus-infused terpene CBD vape juice. Whether you opt for the 250mg or 500mg strength, you’re getting 30mL of organically derived, terpene-rich vape liquid — infused with the devilishly tasty essence of OG Kush.

Pineapple Express Terpenes E Liquid by CBDfx


Just like its name suggests, the Pineapple Express terpene vape juice flavor will whisk you away to the breezy shores of a tropical island. Each satisfying hit draped in tangy, fruity notes of pineapple offers a refreshing way to get your daily dose of terpene-rich CBD. It’s island time!

Platinum Rose Terpenes E Liquid by CBDfx


For the classy vape aficionado who prefers a more subtle, floral flavor profile, we proudly present our Platinum Rose CBD terpene vape juice. Loaded with antioxidant properties, this terpene-rich blend presents a subtle balance of rose petal and wild berry for a hit that’s mysterious and sophisticated.

Rainbow Candy by CBDfx


An e liquid that covers all the flavours of the rainbow – this flavour brings back floods of memories for many people and if you’re looking for a candy vape that is flavourful whilst giving you your daily dose of CBD, you’ve found it.

Strawberry Kiwi by CBDfx


Strawberry Kiwi is exactly what it says on the bottle. A cool and refreshing Kiwi that has been expertly blended with ripe and fruity Strawberries to provide you with a perfectly balanced e liquid.

Strawberry Milk by CBDfx


A timeless flavour combination, Strawberry Milk by CBDfx has brought you a truly delicious CBD e liquid that will leave you wanting more.

Wild Watermelon by CBDfx


The first bite of a juicy watermelon is a great experience, incredibly juicy flesh coupled with the great taste of watermelon gives you a super refreshing experience.